Week 10 Term 4

Dear Parents and Friends, 

On Tuesday we had the great opportunity for our students to work in their 2018 classrooms.  They got to meet their classmates and teacher.  The feel around the school was very calm and there were lots of smiling faces.  We were pleased to welcome new students for the session as well as Natalie Dickson our new Year 5/6 teacher.   Natalie is coming to us from the Geelong area and we welcome her to our school.  It was an added bonus to have Mr Slocombe join us for the morning as well. 

While we welcome new students and Natalie to the school, we are sad to be saying goodbye to a group of students and teachers. 

Marie Condon:  Mrs Condon has been teaching at Melrose for a long time – since 1979!   She has taught across the school and has been a well respected teacher of many, many students. Her colleagues over the years have enjoyed her friendship and her professionalism.  Marie is taking long service leave at the start of 2018 before retiring in 2019.  

Enrique Espinel:  Mr Espinel joined us at the start of Term 3.  He has been teaching Italian for year 1-6 students.  We have all appreciated his knowledge of and passion for teaching Italian.  Enrique has secured a position in Darwin teaching Italian and Business Studies to senior secondary students.  Buona fortuna Enrique.

Carole Mann:  Mrs Mann has been working Mon – Wed in Area 17 for 2017.  She has worked alongside Mrs Locke and has been an integral part of the Melrose team.  Mrs Mann has chosen to work as a relief teacher in 2018 and I am sure we will see a lot of her.  

Robyn Rendell:  Robyn has been employed at Melrose Primary School for 30 years!  She has worked with so many families and their children and has made sure their time here has set them up for future successes.  Robyn is taking 12 months LWOP and is taking up a position at Barnawartha Primary School.  We wish her all the best and look forward to her return.

In past newsletters I have farewelled both Mrs Couston and Mrs Thorp.  I would personally like to thank all of the staff who are leaving for their dedication to our school.  Please make sure you say goodbye if you have the opportunity before the end of term. 

I have been provisionally appointed Assistant Principal at Melrose Primary School for 2018.   I am very excited to be staying at the school.  

Don’t forget the Annual Melrose Primary School Christmas Concert on this Friday night.  This starts at 5.30pm with all classes involved in the program.  This is a lovely community event and we look forward to seeing you all there. 

Thank you, Caryle York