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Melrose Army Force

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I am the Defence Force Transitional Aide at Melrose Primary School. My role as a Transitional Aid is to assist in the smooth transition for both the parents and their children into a new school and local environment.

In order to build positive relationships with the children, I plan projects that are aimed at individual acceptance and self-confidence. These are used to better know and understand the child, and for the child to feel comfortable and secure in his / her new surroundings.

During my time at Melrose Primary School, I work with the teachers in all aspects of the teaching life in lessons, lunch duties and sporting events such as athletics carnivals.

However, individually, I have crafted activities for the children to create and explore the different genres of the art with a special reference to the Defence Force services, linking it with the self-discovery and acceptance along with socially accepted behaviours.

Upon the relocation or transfer of Defence Force Families, we as a school, create a memorable occasion, whereby to remember Melrose Primary School as a school of friends and one full of cheerful memories through a class party dedicated to the child.

We as a school endeavour to create an environment that is safe and comforting to the child, especially for children continually on the move. This is where my role becomes increasingly important, as I strive to make the transition as easy as possible for the child, through my projects and activities by sway of close relationships to the Defence Force and Parents. Within the limitation of my role, I have dedicated myself to these children with their social and academic achievements being top priority.
I warmly welcome you to our Melrose community, and offer my services to you in whatever way I can.