WEB statement Mathematics at Melrose Primary School

Mathematics pervades all aspects of our lives – not just at school. It has applications in all activities we undertake – helping us to solve problems in such diverse areas as:
• science and business
• technology
• the arts
• sport
• construction and design, and
• education

Competence in mathematics is integral to successful participation in our modern world.

That is why at Melrose we aim to ensure all students develop enjoyment and enthusiasm for mathematics through challenging open-ended tasks that require exploration, discussion and higher order thinking.

When solving mathematical problems, Melrose students are taught to:

  1. Understand the problem
  2. Develop a plan for solving it (using different problem solving strategies)
  3. Carry out their plan
  4. Revisit and analyse their solution

We want all students to leave Melrose understanding mathematical concepts and be able to use flexible and efficient processes and strategies to solve problems in everyday situations.

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Melrose Mathematicians:
• are critical and analytical thinkers;
• are problem solvers;
• construct logical arguments;
• effectively communicate about many ideas; and,
• work within teams to improve their understanding.