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We are currently welcoming enrolments for 2024 & 2025 students.

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Melrose Primary School, Wodonga, is a school that combines school wide values of Motivation, Thinking, Courage and Empathy, to achieve academic Excellence and Emotional Intelligence.

For over ten years we have been leading the way in developing programs that foster personal skills and social growth in our students.

Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) program is not just an ethos that underpins other learning, it is a way of life at Melrose Primary, which is explicitly taught to students every day.

Although recognized for our Behavioural Education Model and our capacity to support the welfare of children and families, we also remain committed to our strategic plan goals: improvement of outcomes for students in Numeracy and Literacy check improvement of engagement in learning and the development of leadership. Curriculum and learning specialist initiate intensive professional learning to support staff and the Melrose learning community to achieve these goals for students and whole community

Mission and Vision

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and school mission statement, Educating Hearts and Minds, is supported by visions statements:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning – Excellence in teaching and learning is based on the Victorian Curriculum, Melrose Primary School’s EQ philosophy and current student data. Engaging, differentiated teaching is planned collaboratively based on individual student needs.

Professional Leadership –
Leaders at Melrose Primary School support and build positive relationships with the school community. Leaders are collaborative, respectful, supportive, visible and organized. Leaders demonstrate and model appropriate behaviours in line with the EQ philosophy.

Positive Climate for Learning –
A positive climate for learning promotes a safe, supportive and inclusive environment, driven by Melrose Primary School’s EQ philosophy and built on positive relationships which foster high expectations for all.

Community Engagement in Learning – Community engagement in learning is a partnership between school and home that values positive relationships with the wider community at . There is an integrated focus on academics, social and emotional wellbeing and community, that leads to improved student outcomes, stronger families and healthier communities.

Location and other info

Our school is located in the rural city of Wodonga, which is situated on the Murray River in North East Victoria, 300km from Melbourne.

We have an enrolment of approximately 330 students, and a staff comprising of 3 Principal Class leaders, Curriculum and Instructional leaders, a Primary Welfare Officer, 19 Teaching Staff and 7 permanent Education Support staff.

The building is an innovative design with all classrooms under one roof surrounding a central library, art room and multipurpose room. The grounds are expansive with an oval, three playgrounds and a range of courts and quiet play areas with many trees, gardens and lawned areas.

We also offer indoor activities at most break times allowing the students to have a range of options to develop their social and emotional play.