School Portal App

School Portal App

Parent Instructions

Melrose uses the School Portal app for parent communications.  The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and will facilitate a greater level of communication between the school and parents.

The mobile app enables parents to stay informed about their child’s experience at our school and perform tasks such as approve absences and pre-approve attendance as well as provide consent for and pay for school activities from the convenience of your mobile device.

How to log into the App

Parents are able to login to the School Portal using either their mobile phone number or email address that has been provided with their child’s enrollment details. Please visit the school office to update this.

After downloading and opening the School Portal App, you will be asked to enter either your registered email address or mobile phone number into the field provided followed by tapping on the ‘Login’ button. A six digit authentication token will be sent to the mobile phone number or email address used. Enter this number into the field provided within a five minute window before it expires and you will need to resend a new code.

Download the App

If you require any assistance please contact the school.